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NameEntry NameWinsStill InHigh SeedCountryCompany
Dan NeufeldDOG (Disciple of Gonzaga)2918GWL
Greg FriesenFritz #22808Purolator
Glen CressallBald Eagle2617GWL
Ron FedusiakKfed25113GWL
Joe VitaleTrophy Winner25112GWL
Joe WeaselRob Adams was never great2505GWL
T Walter HagenThe Walter Hagen24115Natural Bakery Ltd.
Tom ChubatyBadgers Best24112American Family Insurance
Dale ChaytorBogo24110HSC
Rob AdamsCoin Toss2416Bay and Bay
Tom ChubatyBadgers RPI Best2408American Family Insurance
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni23112CIC
Tom ChubatyBadger Upsets23111American Family Insurance
Joe TestTesting Testing2316GWL
Jenna Mitchell-DueckThe Ides of March22112Vincent Massey Collegiate
David Mitchell-DueckMit-Due Mavericks22110Kesitah Systems Inc.
Marc MoldoMolds2219NCAA
Allan Okano22010WCB
Greg FriesenFritz22010Purolator
David Mitchell-DueckWeasel McDuck2205Kesitah Systems Inc.
David Mitchell-DueckUpset DMD21112Kesitah Systems Inc.
Rob AdamsBannon is psycho21110Bay and Bay
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Vitale21110Kesitah Systems Inc.
Aaron Mitchell-DueckEdited to fit your screen21012University of Manitoba
Parris VitelaMust beat Rob21010Avionte
Keelin ChaytorTeam Kiwi20111U of W
Sheila Mitchell-DueckIntervention20012Cambrian Credit Union
Bill Preachuk-VitaleDa Trophy2008Hortonworks
Dan NeufeldWWJD (what would Joe do?)19111GWL
Tom ChubatyBadger Predictionator19111American Family Insurance
Bill Preachuk-VitaleThe Usual picks19015Hortonworks
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Meister19014Kesitah Systems Inc.
Rob AdamsMAGA (Make Adams Great Again)19012Bay and Bay
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 119010Paradigm
Steven Hawkinsjstpicks18112Clango
Vikas HebburVikas18015Clango
Dan NeufeldVital(e) Information18012GWL
David Mitchell-DueckDuckspert18011Kesitah Systems Inc.
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 21808Paradigm
Ron FedusiakSamfed17112GWL
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 41718Paradigm
Dan NeufeldPhi Slamma Jamma17014GWL
Minh TranMr. T17012Clango
David Mitchell-DueckDavid Three-Names17012Kesitah Systems Inc.
Tom ChubatyBadgers Big Ten17011American Family Insurance
Dan NeufeldPlaying the %17010GWL
Aaron Mitchell-DueckBust a Move16114University of Manitoba
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 516110Paradigm
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni III16013CIC
David Mitchell-DueckDMD`s Dozen16012Kesitah Systems Inc.
Ron FedusiakRfed16010GWL
Parris VitelaWildcat Revenge1609Avionte
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni II15013CIC
Joe CluelessNo clue15012GWL
Ron FedusiakSfed15012GWL
Dan NeufeldDunkin` Dognuts14115GWL
Joshua Mitchell-DueckPick Vitale14014University of Manitoba
Aaron Mitchell-DueckDisappointing Dancing14011University of Manitoba
Joe UpsetUpset Specials13115GWL
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 312114Paradigm
David Mitchell-DueckBizzer Beater12015Kesitah Systems Inc.

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