Bill and Joe's 10th Annual International NCCA Upset Pool

NEW! Final Standings for 2001.

Hey there poolsters! Welcome to another year of exciting NCAA Tournament Pool action.

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Note on site performance

What to do:

  1. Check out the rules(Minor rule changes for 2001!)
  2. Inspect the tournament bracket
  3. Research the teams
  4. Make your picks (deadline: 11:00am CST, March 15, 2001)
  5. Keep an "eye" on the scores
  6. Check the standings day by day
  7. Curious about who picked whom? Browse the detailed selections
  8. Participant Bios are online!
  9. Back by popular demand! Rim rockin', slobber knockin', ain't no stoppin' trash talking!
  10. Visit the BAJNINUP Hall of Fame
  11. Check the out our unofficial sponsor, The Hampster Dance
  12. Enter some other online pools. (Not as cool as Bill and Joe's, though.)
  13. Visit Dick Vitale's Web Site. Why? He's AWESOME BAYBEE!!!

The cost of the pool is $2.00 (cheap!), payable in the currency of your country of residence. All money is paid out to the winners.

We'll send out information in the next few days on how to submit your entry fee.

If you have any problems using these web pages to submit your entry, you can enter the old fashioned way: communicate your picks to Bill or Joe directly. Either phone, email, or just tell us your picks verbally.

Bill can be reached at (651) 293-4548 or via email
Joe can be reached at (204) 946-4014 or via email
Credits, tech notes and such.