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NameEntry NameWinsStill InHigh SeedCountryCompany
Dan NeufeldDOG (Disciple of Gonzaga)2848GWL
Greg FriesenFritz #22738Purolator
Joe WeaselRob Adams was never great2525GWL
Glen CressallBald Eagle2437GWL
Tom ChubatyBadgers RPI Best2428American Family Insurance
Joe VitaleTrophy Winner23312GWL
Ron FedusiakKfed23213GWL
T Walter HagenThe Walter Hagen22315Natural Bakery Ltd.
Dale ChaytorBogo22310HSC
Greg FriesenFritz22310Purolator
Rob AdamsCoin Toss2236Bay and Bay
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni22212CIC
Tom ChubatyBadgers Best22212American Family Insurance
Allan Okano22210WCB
David Mitchell-DueckWeasel McDuck2225Kesitah Systems Inc.
Joe TestTesting Testing2136GWL
David Mitchell-DueckMit-Due Mavericks21210Kesitah Systems Inc.
Aaron Mitchell-DueckEdited to fit your screen21112University of Manitoba
Tom ChubatyBadger Upsets21111American Family Insurance
Parris VitelaMust beat Rob21110Avionte
David Mitchell-DueckUpset DMD20212Kesitah Systems Inc.
Jenna Mitchell-DueckThe Ides of March20212Vincent Massey Collegiate
Rob AdamsBannon is psycho20210Bay and Bay
Marc MoldoMolds2029NCAA
Bill Preachuk-VitaleDa Trophy2028Hortonworks
Sheila Mitchell-DueckIntervention20112Cambrian Credit Union
Bill Preachuk-VitaleThe Usual picks19215Hortonworks
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Vitale19210Kesitah Systems Inc.
Keelin ChaytorTeam Kiwi19111U of W
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 119110Paradigm
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Meister19014Kesitah Systems Inc.
Rob AdamsMAGA (Make Adams Great Again)19012Bay and Bay
Vikas HebburVikas18315Clango
Dan NeufeldVital(e) Information18112GWL
David Mitchell-DueckDuckspert18111Kesitah Systems Inc.
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 21818Paradigm
Minh TranMr. T17212Clango
David Mitchell-DueckDavid Three-Names17112Kesitah Systems Inc.
Tom ChubatyBadger Predictionator17111American Family Insurance
Dan NeufeldWWJD (what would Joe do?)17111GWL
Tom ChubatyBadgers Big Ten17111American Family Insurance
Dan NeufeldPlaying the %17110GWL
Dan NeufeldPhi Slamma Jamma17014GWL
Ron FedusiakSamfed16312GWL
Steven Hawkinsjstpicks16212Clango
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 41628Paradigm
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni III16113CIC
David Mitchell-DueckDMD`s Dozen16112Kesitah Systems Inc.
Ron FedusiakRfed16110GWL
Parris VitelaWildcat Revenge1619Avionte
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni II15213CIC
Joe CluelessNo clue15112GWL
Ron FedusiakSfed15112GWL
Joshua Mitchell-DueckPick Vitale14214University of Manitoba
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 514210Paradigm
Aaron Mitchell-DueckBust a Move14114University of Manitoba
Aaron Mitchell-DueckDisappointing Dancing14011University of Manitoba
Dan NeufeldDunkin` Dognuts13115GWL
Joe UpsetUpset Specials12215GWL
David Mitchell-DueckBizzer Beater11215Kesitah Systems Inc.
Stan MajowskiCloverleaf 310114Paradigm

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