Picks for The TOUR Championship

 Real-Time Scoring
Last Updated: Friday, Mar 23, 2018 4:40 pm, EDT
Jim WooleyRahm, Jon$280,000Player not found
MATLOCKSpieth, Jordan$280,000Player not found
Brent EarleRose, Justin$236,250Player not found
Darin MetcalfRose, Justin$236,250Player not found
Dan NeufeldRose, Justin$236,250Player not found
Glen ToshRose, Justin$236,250Player not found
wayne mJohnson, Dustin$176,750Player not found
Ryan "The Real" DiehlCantlay, Patrick$164,500Player not found
Joe MaloneLeishman, Marc$152,250Player not found
CreamLeishman, Marc$152,250Player not found
DarrellLeishman, Marc$152,250Player not found
Dale Dalton MatchettLeishman, Marc$152,250Player not found
Mason MetcalfLeishman, Marc$152,250Player not found
Marlin MetcalfChappell, Kevin$142,625Player not found
Kevin WillimentHoffman, Charley$142,625Player not found
T Walter HagenVegas, Jhonattan$140,000Player not found
Color Legend:Missed Cut
 Not in Field

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